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Middle East

JUst recently visited Lebanon and Syria.
Going to Syria reminded me in many ways of all my trips through Yugoslavia during the war times. Safer then ever. From afar when you see the news it looks like the whole country is on fire, but not so. Driving through Yugoslavia was safe in the early ninetees, meaning we were among the very few that was on the roads, likewise now in Syria, easier and faster then ever before to cross the border and then no traffic until you hit Damascus. Of course if you wanted to go to Daraa, Homs or Hama it becomes a different story, but the violence is concentrated to certain regions. In Jaramana (part of Damascus) were my friends live they had their first visible effect of what’s going on just two days before I came. A block away and then just around the corner from Abu Josef (member of the Church). Four men had rented an apartment and stacked it full with weapons and ammo. Somehow the police got news about that and there was a one hour shoutout. The apartment looked like an intense swiss cheese thousand of bullits holes and a lot of dry blood. Otherwise walking the streets of Damascus it was sensibly a damped atmosphere and a lot of fear. On the radio patriotic songs all the time. My prayer after having visited is that a miracle takes place and Bashar al Assad leaves his post by free will soon so that the nation does end up in a bloody civil war.
The Church that I am working with have started to do meetings again, after having been under a ban by the secret police for a couple of years. The police have more important things to deal with than praying Christians.
According to my friends in Lebanon the Syrian crisis is having a recognizable effect on Lebanon. Hezbollah which supports Bashar are due to this support getting more and more isolated in Lebanon, the flow of weapons from Iran through Syria is now also cut which weakens them even more. All my friends in the region are a hundred percent sure God is at work in all of the things happening in the Middle East.
Years ago the Lord spoke to us about the Motherlands of the Gospel giving birth again. Egypt which I visited earlier is the first country in which I felt that this could be just around the corner, possibly all the things going on is something that could promote a real and deep turning to God en masse in these nations.

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Metamorphosis School of Missions

As of the first March I am starting the first School of Mission here in Thessaloniki. If you are between 18 and say 30 of age this might be something for you or you have someone you know that you think would profit from attending. Take a look at our website and find out more.

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I get myself around to write again on my blog. It has been way to long ago. We are going through crazy times here in Greece. So many strikes,about every section possible in society have been on strikes, the borders have been closed, buses and taxis not running, airports coming to standstills and visibly the mountains of garbage that we have had and still have on the streets and the pavements. It got so far so that the government ordered the garbage collectors out on the streets to pick it up, only with the amount it will take weeks for them to do the work. On the 28 of october we have a national holiday called the OXI day, or in English the no day, in remembrance of the time the Greeks said no to the Ottoman empire, this year the military marches could not be done as angry masses of people blocked the streets. The austerity measures are more or less putting this nation to a standstill in many ways, recession is deep and visible and if nothing happens that will make the wheels spin again I wonder what will happen, one business after the other is shutting down and as a result of cutbacks on the paychecks people are angry and union strikes making the situation even worse.
That things needs changed is obvious to many people in the public sector, low tax morale and so on. But in the midst of this there are a lot of lies that has been spread about the Greek people. The average age of retirement in Greece is 61.4 while in other European countries it is 61.1. Greeks actually work longer in life than most Europeans and do not go in retirement at the age of 50 which has been the news spread and that has angered so many. Greeks also work more hours per week than most Europeans but have a lower monthly salary than most in Europe, the prices though are the same as in other nations. Read these figures in a Swedish newspaper recently and thought it was a little bit sobering in the flow of info that is being spread today about the people down here.
Otherwise I am starting to wonder if all the conspiracy theories may not be right. Just as Greece has gotten the last bailout money approved the prime minister here Papandreou announces a referendrum putting everything on the rope again. does someone want this nation to sink and does someone behind the scenes find it a good thing to keep the situation in the eurozone and thereby the world unstable.

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Good News from Greece

Twenty years ago this man gave his life to the Lord, after about one year in a Church he fell back in to a criminal lifestyle, ending up in prison. Over the years old friends from his Christian time has prayed for him. Some months ago one of my co-workers met him on a basketball course in town, as a result he recommitted his life to the Lord. He himself says that he can see the hand of God on his life during his absence, things could have been so much worse, it can only be God that has worked on my behalf during all these years. He is now working making money an honest way and is maturing in his walk with the Lord.
We have another couple of people in our Church, they come from very trouble backgrounds and it is just awesome to see their faces brightening up by the day as the Holy Spirit works in their hearts. Transformation is surely taking place in front of our eyes.

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Greece Worst and Best of Times

As I assume all of you know Greece is going through a real crisis and it has not hit bottom yet. Living here it is hard to see the hardship people are going through, so many businesses are closing and every day you see new signs For Rent signs in former shop windows. We have had numerous strikes, at one time we had garbage mountains filling part of the streets, glorious days for rats but not for people. Living here it is also hard to see how the government can be able to manage this. The administration of this nation is chaotic to say the least. This crisis really has the potential to put this nation in to the worst of times. Saying all of this I am hopeful and do believe that this also has the potential to be the best of times. Meaning that this could be times in which the people of this nation start to turn to God. There are attitudes in this nation that definitely needs broken and god is a master of turning what looks awfully bad in to something absolutely positive. If you read this please pray that a stronghold of national pride is broken. In addition the spiritual monopoly that the Orthodox Church has on the minds of the people needs to be broke. Personally I have witnessed other nations were there existed a spiritual monopoly from one Church and when that was broken it was like a ketchup effect, so many new Churches were immediately planted. This nation needs it.

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Cold in Portugal and Lebanon

It is hard to believe! I am from Sweden known as a cold country but the coldest weeks I have experienced is one in Portugal years ago and now this one in Lebanon. The outside temperatures are not that bad only the inside or indoor temperatures don’t differ from the outside and it wears on you after a while. We nordic people are in many ways spoiled as it is easy to walk around in your underwear inside your house with an outdoor temperature of -20 celsius. Down here in Lebanon as we gather in the evening people are dressed as they would be when they are outside, in wintercoats, and I do understand.

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Different frame of references

I sat in the sofa next to a new guy that has started to come to our Church. He has a pretty rough background having spent some time in prison and so on. We talked about sports and exercising, he is really fit and goes to the gym every day, I on the other hand is overweight and need to do some exercise. As our conversation developed I told him I was somewhat scared to do certain exercises due to a cut on my stomach. As I said this his spontaneous response was. Who cut you? The doctor I said. Then we looked at one another and started to laugh, in his world a cut on the stomach would have nothing to do with a doctor and in my world a cut on the stomach would have everything to do with a doctor. Man we laughed hard as the reality of our different frames of references dawned on us.

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Prophetic Seminars in Thessaloniki

Just the fact that we have had Zoran Spasovski from Skopje down here speaking in a Greek Church to Greeks is prophetic enough if you know a little bit of the tensions on the ground over here. For me it was such a joy to see this man whom I know from his Christian childhood in our Church in Skopje. His ministry to us was fantastic. Let me just give you one of his phrases. You need to get to know God to understand Him. Meditate on that, it is profound. We had full house and Zoran’s ministry time was packed with accurate prophecies. A very good weekend.

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Another Thasos Visit

It is fascinating to live in a city (Thessaloniki) that due to two letters written by the Apostle Paul have influenced people all over the world for close to 2000 years. Thasos an island just south of modern Kavala and ancient Neapoli were Paul once landed as he headed to Philippi today only ruins. It is however another region that has influenced people all over the world for same amount of time as our city. We do today have a growing relationship with Dimitris and his church on this island. As I visited last week it was nothing but extraordinary. Such a joy and love is growing in our relationship. I have visited and spoken in quite large congregations and left feeling nothing but numbness, here I go to an Island and meet just a few believers and come home overwhelmed in my spirit a small prayer meeting was soaked by the Spirit of God. Just love it and look forward to see them over here in Thessaloniki soon and possibly starting to plant new Churches together down the road.

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Comment on Happenings in Northern Africa

For many of you that has heard me in the last couple of years you know that I have said that Islam will fall, having said so I have clarified it by saying that I mean the political side of Islam and not meaning an eradication of the religion of Islam. Having seen the toppling of the leadership in Tunisia and Egypt and now seeing Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen boiling and possibly their leadership being toppled as well and then Iran starting to boil again, I have to say I do not know if this is it. Personally i do pray and hope that it may be the thing I have spoken about but find it to early to say. It is however clear that dictators that have been very oppressive have had to go and more of them will for sure have to go. Someone said that power corrupts and total power totally corrupts, may these nations all receive new leaderships that serve not for their own behalf but serve on behalf of their people and their nations.

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