Posted by: naumannnews | February 21, 2011

Another Thasos Visit

It is fascinating to live in a city (Thessaloniki) that due to two letters written by the Apostle Paul have influenced people all over the world for close to 2000 years. Thasos an island just south of modern Kavala and ancient Neapoli were Paul once landed as he headed to Philippi today only ruins. It is however another region that has influenced people all over the world for same amount of time as our city. We do today have a growing relationship with Dimitris and his church on this island. As I visited last week it was nothing but extraordinary. Such a joy and love is growing in our relationship. I have visited and spoken in quite large congregations and left feeling nothing but numbness, here I go to an Island and meet just a few believers and come home overwhelmed in my spirit a small prayer meeting was soaked by the Spirit of God. Just love it and look forward to see them over here in Thessaloniki soon and possibly starting to plant new Churches together down the road.


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