Posted by: naumannnews | February 21, 2011

Comment on Happenings in Northern Africa

For many of you that has heard me in the last couple of years you know that I have said that Islam will fall, having said so I have clarified it by saying that I mean the political side of Islam and not meaning an eradication of the religion of Islam. Having seen the toppling of the leadership in Tunisia and Egypt and now seeing Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen boiling and possibly their leadership being toppled as well and then Iran starting to boil again, I have to say I do not know if this is it. Personally i do pray and hope that it may be the thing I have spoken about but find it to early to say. It is however clear that dictators that have been very oppressive have had to go and more of them will for sure have to go. Someone said that power corrupts and total power totally corrupts, may these nations all receive new leaderships that serve not for their own behalf but serve on behalf of their people and their nations.


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