Posted by: naumannnews | May 26, 2011

Greece Worst and Best of Times

As I assume all of you know Greece is going through a real crisis and it has not hit bottom yet. Living here it is hard to see the hardship people are going through, so many businesses are closing and every day you see new signs For Rent signs in former shop windows. We have had numerous strikes, at one time we had garbage mountains filling part of the streets, glorious days for rats but not for people. Living here it is also hard to see how the government can be able to manage this. The administration of this nation is chaotic to say the least. This crisis really has the potential to put this nation in to the worst of times. Saying all of this I am hopeful and do believe that this also has the potential to be the best of times. Meaning that this could be times in which the people of this nation start to turn to God. There are attitudes in this nation that definitely needs broken and god is a master of turning what looks awfully bad in to something absolutely positive. If you read this please pray that a stronghold of national pride is broken. In addition the spiritual monopoly that the Orthodox Church has on the minds of the people needs to be broke. Personally I have witnessed other nations were there existed a spiritual monopoly from one Church and when that was broken it was like a ketchup effect, so many new Churches were immediately planted. This nation needs it.


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