Posted by: naumannnews | November 1, 2011


I get myself around to write again on my blog. It has been way to long ago. We are going through crazy times here in Greece. So many strikes,about every section possible in society have been on strikes, the borders have been closed, buses and taxis not running, airports coming to standstills and visibly the mountains of garbage that we have had and still have on the streets and the pavements. It got so far so that the government ordered the garbage collectors out on the streets to pick it up, only with the amount it will take weeks for them to do the work. On the 28 of october we have a national holiday called the OXI day, or in English the no day, in remembrance of the time the Greeks said no to the Ottoman empire, this year the military marches could not be done as angry masses of people blocked the streets. The austerity measures are more or less putting this nation to a standstill in many ways, recession is deep and visible and if nothing happens that will make the wheels spin again I wonder what will happen, one business after the other is shutting down and as a result of cutbacks on the paychecks people are angry and union strikes making the situation even worse.
That things needs changed is obvious to many people in the public sector, low tax morale and so on. But in the midst of this there are a lot of lies that has been spread about the Greek people. The average age of retirement in Greece is 61.4 while in other European countries it is 61.1. Greeks actually work longer in life than most Europeans and do not go in retirement at the age of 50 which has been the news spread and that has angered so many. Greeks also work more hours per week than most Europeans but have a lower monthly salary than most in Europe, the prices though are the same as in other nations. Read these figures in a Swedish newspaper recently and thought it was a little bit sobering in the flow of info that is being spread today about the people down here.
Otherwise I am starting to wonder if all the conspiracy theories may not be right. Just as Greece has gotten the last bailout money approved the prime minister here Papandreou announces a referendrum putting everything on the rope again. does someone want this nation to sink and does someone behind the scenes find it a good thing to keep the situation in the eurozone and thereby the world unstable.


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