Posted by: naumannnews | December 14, 2011

Middle East

JUst recently visited Lebanon and Syria.
Going to Syria reminded me in many ways of all my trips through Yugoslavia during the war times. Safer then ever. From afar when you see the news it looks like the whole country is on fire, but not so. Driving through Yugoslavia was safe in the early ninetees, meaning we were among the very few that was on the roads, likewise now in Syria, easier and faster then ever before to cross the border and then no traffic until you hit Damascus. Of course if you wanted to go to Daraa, Homs or Hama it becomes a different story, but the violence is concentrated to certain regions. In Jaramana (part of Damascus) were my friends live they had their first visible effect of what’s going on just two days before I came. A block away and then just around the corner from Abu Josef (member of the Church). Four men had rented an apartment and stacked it full with weapons and ammo. Somehow the police got news about that and there was a one hour shoutout. The apartment looked like an intense swiss cheese thousand of bullits holes and a lot of dry blood. Otherwise walking the streets of Damascus it was sensibly a damped atmosphere and a lot of fear. On the radio patriotic songs all the time. My prayer after having visited is that a miracle takes place and Bashar al Assad leaves his post by free will soon so that the nation does end up in a bloody civil war.
The Church that I am working with have started to do meetings again, after having been under a ban by the secret police for a couple of years. The police have more important things to deal with than praying Christians.
According to my friends in Lebanon the Syrian crisis is having a recognizable effect on Lebanon. Hezbollah which supports Bashar are due to this support getting more and more isolated in Lebanon, the flow of weapons from Iran through Syria is now also cut which weakens them even more. All my friends in the region are a hundred percent sure God is at work in all of the things happening in the Middle East.
Years ago the Lord spoke to us about the Motherlands of the Gospel giving birth again. Egypt which I visited earlier is the first country in which I felt that this could be just around the corner, possibly all the things going on is something that could promote a real and deep turning to God en masse in these nations.


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