About Us

Tommie & Gunilla are parents of four children with the blessing of seeing grandchildren come to birth and grow.

Since their conversion in the early nineteen seventies they have been involved in Christian Ministry, having worked with mission behind the Iron Curtain during the Communist era. They were also part of a team that planted a radical Christian Community in Malmö, Sweden, a community that became influential both locally as well as nationally. As part of their journey they also, for a time, were part of the leadership in a Catholic Charismatic Community in Vienna, Austria. Prior to them leaving northern Europe, they pastored a Church in Helsingborg, Sweden.

In 1995 they moved to the Balkan region where they have resided ever since. For most of the time they have lived and worked in Skopje, but lately they have relocated to Thessaloniki. Over the last ten years they have planted several Churches in Macedonia, which has led them into a position of leading a network of Churches in the Balkans. With the vision that “the Motherlands of the Gospel shall give birth again”, they are also today actively involved in nations like Turkey, Syria and Jordan.


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