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Tommie & Gunilla Naumann
P.O. Box 113
57500 Plagiari / Thessaloniki
Tel: Home +30-23920-65519
Mobile: Tommie +30 694 4435055



  1. Tommie,
    I just had opportunity to read over your recent newsletter and rejoice with you guys in all that God is doing. We’re especially in tune because of the invitation to Jamie Gardner to join with you in the work there. We’re praying for God to confirm this to him clearly and powerfully if it is indeed God’s will and God’s time.
    We’re doing well and busy with family, church, and school. Jason’s football team is doing very well and we’re really into that as a family.
    We start a new initiative, “Life School” in two weeks and that has us very busy in prayer and planning.
    Judy and Jason are putting together some plans for a spring event on the grounds here called “open air”. It’s still forming in their hearts and slowly being put down to submit to the team here.
    All for now,
    Randy and Sudduth family

    • Hi Randy
      Thanks for the comment. Really liked it to see you guys again this summer, what a sweet aroma of reconnect. Love you all.

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