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Thasos Connection

Recently we had Dimitris Pelidis Pastor from Thasos come and minister at our Church in Thessaloniki for the second time a result of this visit was an email from him asking if we could not establish a more ongoing working relationship. A week later approximately Ben Bradford and I drove over to Keramoti to meet with Dimitris and Kenneth. We had a great couple of hours meeting and concluded that we will start to meet every second month for fellowship and prayer, in addition we planned for helping one another in various ways with the gifts we have in our Churches with the aim to see church growth. Personally I do feel so great about this as my vision for the next ten years is to plant Churches eastward from Thessaloniki in Greece, Kavala, Komothini, Xanthi, and Alexandropoli are the cities the Lord has put on my heart, now we do have someone we can team up with in this as Thasos is just next to Kavala.

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Women’s Conference Beirut

Years ago visiting the Middle East the Lord spoke to me about doing something for women specifically. I met and do still meet so many gifted and very strong women in the Middle East and there seems to be so little outlet for them. I have passed this idea on to a number of people and earlier this year Chris Westhoff asked me about it and I told her run with it. In October a conference was conducted in Beirut led by Chris. The feedback from the conference has been one of gratitude and testimonies of pretty dramatic healing’s. One of the mayor things that happened was that for all arabic women involved it was a breakthrough in daring to open up and be really honest to one another. Healing in the soul and heart coming as a result. You should hear the one’s involved share brings you to tears.

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A dear friend of mine of Egyptian descent have lived in another Arab nation for more that thirty years is married since more that twenty years with a woman from this nation, they have three children. This friend is a pastor and have been contacted by the secret police of this nation on a number of occasions. He has now received a dead line and needs to leave this since thirty years his home. By the end of this year he must leave. All of this because he personally and they as a Church is quite active in seeing muslims convert to Christian faith. As he recently visited to a neighboring country invited to speak in a house church On return to the nation of his residence he was interrogated at the border by the secret police of his nation of residence and they asked him questions concerning the meeting in the home. Aparantly someone visiting that meeting had been an informant. As I speak with my friend who is forbidden to even conduct small meetings in his home and tell him but there are so many ways to do things he usually responds saying but it is so hard to know whom to trust.

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The price of Democracy

All over Europe, the US Mosques are being built to facilitate places for the many Muslim immigrants residing in our nations. In the nations were Islam is the dominant religion there is however no freedom for the Christian minorities to build Churches. In one of the nations in whom I work twelve of the thirty-five protestant Churches existing in that nation have been closed this year. The authorities are for some so far unknown reason starting to implement a law that has been there for a long time. The law spells that one is only allowed to worship in facilities built for such a purpose. There is no way that these Churches would be allowed to get permission to build such facilities though. In this same nation a dear friend of mine is even forbidden to conduct even small gatherings in his home.

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Greece Crisis

For many years now this country has lived way above it’s resources. Lot’s of money has over the years been poured in to this country where all this money has gone God knows but not only some people in high positions knows as well. After having adjusted the accounts Greece was allowed to enter the Eurozone, but as someone wrote when the snow melts the truth appears and it has been a rude and grim truth that has surfaced here in Greece and measures are now being taken to bring it all in to order. We are now almost a year in to this measures and slowly it seems like this country is coming in to a standstill. The next three to four years proves to become even harder. The word on the street is that many young people are planning to leave this country as they see no future here. As a Church we are starting to feel the cold wind as some of our best people and coming leaders are contemplating leaving the country at least for a couple of years to be able to ride out this crisis financially. Generally this can prove to go one or two ways. There is in Greece something of a national pride that is stronger than in most nations. This pride can harden in a situation like this. Or this pride gets knocked and a humble attitude comes forth. Being a missionary in this nation by many deemed a graveyard for missionaries I pray that the latter is the one that prevails from this crisis. Giving way for the Gospel of Jesus Christ big time here in Greece.

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Some thoughts on Christians and Politics

Having been a Christian now for almost thirty seven years in leadership for many of these years and with friends in a variety of arenas in this world, business, media, university, entertainment and politics, I do have something of a dual mindedness concerning politics. Should we as followers of Jesus engage ourselves in politics, my answer would be yes definitely and according to what one think is God’s calling. Should we as followers of Jesus be in political power positions? On this last question I am not sure. It seems to me that politics today are so complex and involves so many things that the tendency is to throw a lot of mud on the person that we ultimately serve. Jesus himself denied becoming political in the sense the disciples liked him to be. It also seems to me that we as followers of Jesus do best in opposition highlighting questions of justice and so on. Maybe we are to salt in this world conserving the things of God and a hurt in the wounds of our society.

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More thoughts on Mission

Some time ago a wrote a blog on missions, let me continue here with a second one. Talking on Missions the word the Mission Field or the Mission Frontier is frequently used. In my think we have at least three fields of mission the first one is our own heart, are we mission minded, or do we have a mission awareness. Second field is our oikos, our set of relationships, or if you have no set of relationships that are not yet believers you may have to do like me make your friends set of relationships your own set of relationships, a necessity if you like are a missionary. The third is the field beyond your comfort zone, this is all due to calling. For me it has meant to leave my own home country and go and serve the Lord elswehere. The positive thing with third field is that when you do so it alerts your mission awareness. One would not do this unless one think that there is a mission to be accomplished. My yearning is that we all had a very alert mission awareness. As the early believers that witnessed the resurrection of Jesus were transformed from fear to fearless firebrands. Knowing the had a mission.

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Having recently returned to Europe from the US I am once again alerted to the difference of atmosphere between there and here. Talked this over with a new found Swedish friend in the city of Kungsbacka. Fredric is a swede that moved with his parents to Brazil when he was three years old. He has lived in Brazil for most of his life and returned to Sweden just a few years ago having received a call to plant a Church here in Sweden. On my comment on atmosphere he immediately responded and said that in Brazil as you go to the Supermarket, to the Bank or to visit a governmental administration or whatever and you start to talk with people they are either already Christians, most definitely believe in God or have a relative that are a Christian. All of this he said definitely creates another atmosphere than what you find here in Sweden. Over here you meet so many people that have no clue about Christianity. The same I find in the US, to me it seems like the culture over there is more saturated in Christianity. The challenge in Brazil is not to gather people but to make disciples the same seems to be the case in the US, over here the challenge starts with gathering people and then it seems we share the same challenge making disciples. What is better, well to me traveling to the US from Europe I do have to say that I prefer the US with that bigger understanding so many things are easier, but the Lord has called me to Europe and this is my home, but may we see real breakthroughs over here. Brazil was once a nation spiritually monopolized by the Catholic Church a formidable breakthrough have led to an awesome Spirit Filled revival in that country, as a matter of fact you can trace this back to two Swedish families moving there in the early nineteen hundreds as missionaries. As we labor over here who knows what we will see.

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Thoughts on Missions

What’s the difference between Evangelism and Mission. Traditionally I would say it is geography. Evangelism is something in the near surrounding of where you live. You do not need to move your home to do this. Mission on the other hand means that you move your home to, most traditionally, another country. I would argue that evangelism is part of your mission no matter where you are.

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Enforcing Laws common in this region.

Many nations in the region of our work have laws that they choose not to enforce. One of the laws that is common over here goes something like this. You can only worship as a group (congregation) in buildings that are aimed for religious purposes. In Macedonia that leaves one Catholic Church, one Methodist Church, the Orthodox Church with all it’s buildings plus the Muslims being able to gather together for worship. In Syria they have a similar law and the government has recently started to enforce the law. Only in the last month ten churches have been shut down. The law enforcement started in the northern city of Hassakeh and is moving it’s way to the south. Why this is happening at this time is hard to say. Of course it is a negative thing as the attitude towards protestant Christianity is hardening, only history shows that christian faith is impossible to shut down, my prediction is tat when the initial chock is done with faith will come out stronger.

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